Monthly Archives: September 2020

Fourth value Entrepreneurship

Today, we announce our fourth corporate value, Entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship at its core, is that almost magical notion that a mere idea in one’s mind can be transformed into something of value, whether it’s a manager creating an internal training academy to be used for all new hires or indeed a founder growing a company into a unicorn.

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Improving Productivity with RPA in Retail

RPA automates tedious and repetitive tasks by entrusting them to bots. In a world where customers are moving more and more to online purchases the demand for customer service and customer experience is growing and this is adding increased pressure on companies to keep abreast of the market. With RPA, companies can improve productivity and quality of service, as well as accelerate tasks and improve standards and accuracy.

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Third value service

Today we announce our third corporate value, Service. As we are rolling out our values one at a time, it feels very much like building a puzzle in which the next piece seems almost obvious as we progress. Each time think about what piece of our culture should be exemplified next. As an organisation that is already over six years old, our culture is very ingrained, and so our exercise now is describing rather than prescribing what our culture is, which is very different to what companies in their infancy usually do.

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