Quantanite Offers Agile CX To Companies Struggling With Hypergrowth

A few months ago, I joined Quantanite as the Chief Commercial Officer. It’s a role I’m truly excited about because wherever I look, I can see new brands disrupting their marketplace and growing exponentially. We are directly supporting many of these brands and their growth by helping to deliver customer experience (CX) processes – it’s a non-stop activity.

In Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and CX design, everyone likes to say they are different. I have worked with a few of the big global players – I have seen exactly how they sell the idea of high-quality and low-cost services.

This might work if you are a big retailer and need thousands of people in a contact centre, but what about more strategic CX initiatives? I am now really focused on helping companies that want to transform their CX so it helps to deliver revenue and an improved customer experience. I’m also focused on companies that are growing really fast – hypergrowth. This isn’t just about how many people can squeeze into a contact centre.

The World Economic Forum believes that hypergrowth is the new normal for startups. Most new ventures are doomed to fail, but when a founder has a good idea and finds the right audience then it will take off because we now have global platforms that facilitate this growth.

Just imagine building a foreign exchange business and trying to go global before the app store allowed anyone to engage with a financial service company via their smartphone. What do you do? Build physical stores all over the world? We now have platforms such as the app store on smartphones and cloud computing that allow companies to experiment, find the right mix of services, and then grow really fast.

Hypergrowth is officially defined as anything faster than 40% a year, but there are many companies that grow much faster than this once they find the secret sauce for their business and industry.

Most small companies handle their CX internally just because almost everything is handled internally when a business starts out. When a business takes off and starts seeing strong growth, that’s when they need a flexible partner that understands the stress of hypergrowth and the need for agility.

Imagine facing an explosion in sales growth. Your CEO says ‘we need to find a customer service partner to help with this…’ You approach the big players we all know and they want 3-year growth projections and a guaranteed minimum amount of business to make it worth contracting with a “small” company. That’s if they even get back to you.

This is our focus at Quantanite. We know the stress founders face when growth arrives and we can get you quickly into a situation where your CX has some process, guidelines, and measurements, and yet is also flexible enough to change as your business changes.

Our transformational focus, rather than just counting how many people are taking calls in a contact centre, means that we can also plan for innovative self-service and automated solutions alongside the kind of service that needs a human.

We don’t boast about the hundreds of thousands of customer service agents we have on our team, because we don’t have hundreds of thousands of people. What we do have is a team that is focused on helping smaller companies to become bigger. That’s our reason to exist.

Call the big BPO players if you have time to wait for a response, but then give me a call and ask how our team can help you to manage as your customer base increases overnight. 

Let me know what you think. Please contact us via marketing@quantanite.com or get in touch with me directly via my LinkedIn. Follow our company page on LinkedIn for more articles, opinions and information about our CX solutions.

CC Photo by Marc Olivier Jodoin

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