The rise of the bots in Banking

The BFSI industry is continuously changing and in this changing environment, this particular industry is under great pressure to cut costs and yet maintain high levels of service. In this Blog Bhavik Patel addresses how bots are assisting the financial services sector in providing customers with a quick, easy, and more efficient process, to help increase their agility and provide a more enhanced customer experience.

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The Evolution of Business Support 24/7

In today’s competitive environment, 24/7 support of your business processes can make the difference to your profitability by improving your efficiency, downtime or improving your customer service. In this blog, we discuss both Business Process Outsourcing and RPA and how these can be your solution for 2021.

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Improving Productivity with RPA in Retail

RPA automates tedious and repetitive tasks by entrusting them to bots. In a world where customers are moving more and more to online purchases the demand for customer service and customer experience is growing and this is adding increased pressure on companies to keep abreast of the market. With RPA, companies can improve productivity and quality of service, as well as accelerate tasks and improve standards and accuracy.

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Top 20 AI terms


Artificial intelligence answers Turing’s question with an emphatic `yes’, but while we’ve all heard of AI, what exactly is it? To be honest, you’ll get a different answer depending on who you ask, but here’s the dictionary definition of the 2 words:

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