Our Offshore Delivery Centre Culture

Why our Employees choose to work for us 

Low Attrition

Quantanite has one of the lowest attrition rates in the industry at just 8.3% in 2019. We have achieved this through creating a vibrant and professional environment much different than that of typical business process outsourcing companies. Low attrition is critical in ensuring continuity in processes and preventing continuous re-training of staff.

Quantanite Teams
Happy Quantanite Employees

Equal Opportunities

Quantanite is an equal opportunities employer and has statistics to prove commitment to this cause. Our gender-pay gap is less than 3% each year, with female employees making more than men on average in 2018. This is achieved through a purely meritocratic compensation and appraisal structure, which prevents unconscious bias.

Happy Employees

We are proud that employee referrals is one of the top channels for us when hiring new talent. We have an over 85% attendance to company events in 2018 and an employee net promoter score of 87% measured in 2019. Our office environment is inclusive and supportive, creating a safe and fun environment for employees.

Offshore Team in Bangladesh

Corporate Social Responsibility

Quantanite has become focused on corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives since 2016. We often support causes in the communities we are part of, for example collecting donations for victims of local fires as well as for to less privileged during colder winter seasons. We also support entrepreneurs in our communities by giving free advice and resources whenever we feel we can help.


Formal Career Paths

Quantanite has deployed world-class management practices throughout its corporate structure, including at our offshore delivery centres. This includes formal career path structures, matrix-based performance reviews, and fostering of new management talent. We are proud to see many of our employees grow as professionals and managers during their time with us.

Offshore Team in Bangladesh