What Are Digital Workers?

Faster, more efficent, automated team members that work in conjunction with your businesses existing setup

A digital worker is much like an employee carrying out work for you based on set process, except that it can work much faster, around the clock and with minimal mistakes. Digital workers can also work across multiple tasks, therefore becoming a specialist in a range of processes rather than being restricted to one process. Digital workers will pass work over to a human if it gets stuck at any point. 


Digital workers can help automate multiple business processes, leveraging technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPAT) and Natural Language Processing (NLP). An analysis of the process being automated needs to be carried out in order to select the right technologies for the digital team being deployed, and in order to map out their work in the most efficient way. 


Deploying a team of digital workers to work alongside humans can help increase speed, focus employees on tasks requiring human intelligence, improve user experience, reduce errors and increase compliance. In summary digital workers, if deployed correctly, will profoundly increase organisational productivity. In many cases deploying digital workers will not require any changes to existing systems, as digital workers will interact with applications and tools much like a human would.