How Should Business Respond to Covid 19

The rampant spread of coronavirus has businesses facing some tough questions: how can they protect employees while also continuing to deliver for clients.  Sometimes even being proactive cannot prepare you, what defines you is your reaction.


With states across the USA implementing lockdowns, businesses face an unprecedented situation. Everyone, except the most essential workers, are being asked to work from home. So how can companies cope?


Rampant spread


To say the last few months have been crazy would be an understatement. It was in November that the first cases emerged in China, January when the first case hit Europe and the end of January when the first documented cases appeared in the USA. Since then, progress has been breathtaking. 


The USA is now the world’s biggest hotspot for Coronavirus with almost 200,000 cases and more than 4,000 deaths over just a few weeks and that number is rising rapidly.


States have been imposing varying degrees of lockdowns, telling citizens to stay home and closing bars, encouraging home working and social distancing. Every business must take a stance on how it will protect the interests of its employees and its clients. 


It’s a difficult balancing act to strike: how do we ensure business carries on while keeping our employees safe? 


Staying strong


In our specific industry, more than others, things can be fragile. We depend on our clients for work, and our team members depend on us for a salary at the end of the month. As such, we have to go into overdrive to protect our employees and hyperdrive to keep all client services intact. 


So, how do we do that? The first task is to treat employees as family, because that’s what they are. During good times you’ll hear almost every business talk about family, loyalty, and responsibility. The question is: do they hold true to those principles when the going gets tough?


For every Drew Bees donating $5million to Lousiana and local communities to the fight against Coronavirus, there are other businesses axing staff or asking them to go on unpaid leave. 


However, for any responsible business, now is the time that ‘family’ really needs to mean it. Employees are not numbers, they are people with their own fears, worries, and needs. This is where it lands on us, as leaders, to take a lead. 


At Quantanite, we’ve been prepared from the top to the bottom. Early on, our CEO Mikko clearly communicated how we should react as a company to protect the safety of employees while continuing to offer functionality to clients. We have prepared for a work at home solution and can have the majority of our business working remotely. 


This allows us to address the long and short term needs of our clients and to continue offering services when other vendors cannot. Our model has always been to be a partner rather than a vendor. So, instead of just selling you a solution, we work with you to boost your operations during what will be a challenging time for all businesses. 


The result means we can enable life to continue as normal whilst still maintaining our commitment to social distancing and the safety of our employees. 

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