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Tips for hiring and retaining the right customer service agents

Tips for hiring (and retaining)the right customer service agents

Customer service is nothing without people, however, finding and retaining them is the greatest challenge of all. In the latest statistics, the average employee turnover is 15% in the UK, with contact centers turnover rate increasing to 26%.
In our latest blog, Dan Vanrenen looks into the various reasons why this occurs and identifies how to avoid this based on Quantanite’s own best practices.

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How to create a seamless IVR solution

How to create a seamless IVR solution

For businesses looking to support their customers, IVR can be both a blessing and a curse. With 73% of customers wanting to solve service issues, yet 92% having experienced problems with IVR, what is the solution?
In our latest blog, Dan Vanrenen looks at the different types of IVR available, how they have evolved, and why they are still an essential tool for servicing customer needs.

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Quantanite celebrates International Women's Day

Quantanite Celebrates International Women’s Day

International Holidays and celebrations extend far beyond Christmas, Halloween, and New Year’s Eve, but arguably, none are more important than international Women’s Day. At Quantanite we are delighted to take the opportunity to highlight the incredible value of our female employees and recognize the contributions of women globally. By providing men and women the same rights, resources, and opportunities, we are both able to play our part in furthering the critically important agenda while also helping other businesses to thrive.

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Email and SMS: Reaching the customer inbox

email & sms reaching the customer inbox

Speaking to customers where they want to be spoken to is half the battle of customer service. With customers the world over having their own individual preferences, Dan Vanrenen looks into which ones lie within email and SMS and identifies the different challenges that companies may face when utilizing them.

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Quantanite recognized as top service provider

Quantanite recognized as Top Voice Service Provider

Clutch, a leading ratings and reviews platform, has named Quantanite as a Top Voice Service Provider. As organizations around the world continue to grapple with challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Quantanite has been recognized for its ability to assist businesses through its outbound customer support, inbound and outbound call centers, and order processing services in its latest round of awards.

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Six tips for a great social media customer service

Six tips for social media customer service success

Be it Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, one of the easiest ways for companies to further their branding goals, emit their messaging and communicate with customers is via social platforms.
With 4 billion people around the world currently using social media, Dan Vanrenen looks at this ever-growing customer service channel, and identifies 6 ways of utilizing them for a high-performance CX

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Live chat- Balancing human and automated customer service 

Live chat – Balancing humans and automation

Instant messaging (IM) and live chat have become fundamental pillars of modernised, efficient and responsive multichannel customer service operations. Such is the exploding popularity of instant messaging services, today more than 40% of customers expect to be able to contact a company via live chat on their website. In our latest blog, Dan Vanrenen Identifies the importance of utilising Humans and Automation when delivering a best of breed customer service.

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call is still critical to customer satisfaction

Call is still critical to customer satisfaction

With customer service and customer satisfaction evolving last year due to the changes in customer behaviors. Dan Vanrenen takes a look at the increasing rise of live chat, IVR, and other service solutions, whilst addressing the importance of still utilizing inbound and outbound call functionality.

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The rise of the bots in Banking

The BFSI industry is continuously changing and in this changing environment, this particular industry is under great pressure to cut costs and yet maintain high levels of service. In this Blog Bhavik Patel addresses how bots are assisting the financial services sector in providing customers with a quick, easy, and more efficient process, to help increase their agility and provide a more enhanced customer experience.

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The Evolution of Business Support 24/7

In today’s competitive environment, 24/7 support of your business processes can make the difference to your profitability by improving your efficiency, downtime or improving your customer service. In this blog, we discuss both Business Process Outsourcing and RPA and how these can be your solution for 2021.

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Anyone up for a customer experience challenge?

Throughout 2020 businesses have had to adapt and evolve their customer service offerings to enable their customers to have a positive experience. The problem is, this hasn’t always been the case. In this blog we highlight the difference between a businesses perceived success and the real customer experience.

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