Offshore Dedicated Teams

Quantanite manages shared service centres to setup offshore dedicated teams to carry out critical business processes.

As organisations grow, they become more complex and critically the need for technologies and human processes working side-by-side grow. Organisations need to keep pace with this growth and often have partners to handle processes that are not best placed internally. 


Quantanite is a global leader in building and operating offshore dedicated teams that work as extensions of the client’s in-house team. Our offshore managed services help organisations rapidly setup teams trained in their systems and processes, while requiring minimum management time. We assume full responsibility for managing the processes being offshored and setup monitoring systems to get an accurate pulse of performance daily. This allows us to proactively safeguard against performance degradation. Throughout the engagement our clients gain the benefits of our extensive process knowledge throughout the offshore team operations. 


Quantanite focuses on quality assurance as a cornerstone of our offshore team operations. We have a separate quality assurance team tasked with ensuring quality benchmarks are met and proactively take action at the early stages when signs of quality degradation begin to appear. We also have tools in place to check workforce delivery on a daily basis to get a real time view of performance.

Offshore Team Implementation

Our implementation methodology focuses on creating an enterprise grade delivery environment for ongoing steady delivery. We can typically deploy initial team members within a few weeks to begin knowledge transfer. 


Our methodology involves four phases: knowledge transfer, onboarding & training, ramp-up and maintain. After having built offshore teams for more than 300 clients, we are able to support first-time offshoring clients throughout the process, avoiding common pitfalls and accelerating progress through best practices. We also manage documentation and process controls governed by ISO 27001 certification guidelines.

ISO 270001 Certified