Our Second Company Value: Growth

The second company value we are adopting is Growth. If you didn’t read about our first value and why we are rolling them out one-by-one, you can read my previous post here.
Most people reading this will probably initially assume that I am referring to the growth of our company being the essence of this value. Although aggressive growth, whether it be revenue, headcount or number of clients, is definitely one of the key drivers of our team’s efforts, the thought behind Growth stems mainly from my deep belief that everyone we employ should feel themselves developing as professionals and individuals while working with us.
Over the years while building our company, I have asked myself why people choose to join our team. I envy companies with bold and audacious missions such as colonising new planets or saving our own through whatever product or service the company is focused on building. Early on it was natural to find purpose in our work as a small team while were struggling together to make something out of nothing, and each win was felt by everyone in the company whether it be in the form of new colleagues being hired, a bigger office space, or more frequent cakes to celebrate milestones. However, as the company grew I began wondering how can we instill that same motivating energy that attracted people to work with us in the first place.
The answer I have arrived at is that if our company is the place where everyone that joins has the opportunity to grow more than anywhere else at that particular point in their careers, then that is as strong a motivator as any. Personal development and achieving increasingly challenging goals are key components of happiness, and so if every team member feels that our company is the place where they can do their best possible work at that point in their careers and grow as a result, then we have succeeded in creating an organisation with a culture that not only attracts and retains the best talent, but also maximises future career opportunities for everyone whether they be at Quantanite or elsewhere.
I recently read Clayton Christensen’s How Will You Measure Your Life and actually found one of the most valuable pieces of advice in the epilogue of the book. In it, Christensen describes the three steps of finding purpose: likeness (having an aspirational vision of yourself to aim for), commitment (deciding how you will commit to making progress towards that likeness), and metrics (having the right measurement system in place to track your progress). If at our company we can help our colleagues to first formalise something along Christensen’s framework in order to find clarity in the direction they want to grow in, and then to make the most amount of progress towards their defined likeness as opposed to working anywhere else, then we have succeeded in creating that growth culture I described earlier.
This growth of our individual contributors will in turn propel the company to new heights and deliver the growth that we aspire to. If the company can help each and every one of its employees grow as specialists in their chosen field, it can be expected that each one will drive higher productivity and innovation, which in turn will drive better results for our clients and therefore help our company grow. 
The final part of Christensen’s model for finding purpose focuses on the measurement of progress, and I want to specifically focus on one component of that which is reflection. I have found that the true breakthroughs in personal development, whether in one’s professional or private life, come after deep analysis of past actions and outcomes. I want us as a company to give everyone the space to properly reflect on their work, and let that guide their future planning. The importance of reflection in its various forms gets mentioned in most management books, and so I feel that embodying this vital management philosophy within one of our core values, Growth, will go a long way in ensuring it takes centre-stage in all reviews and planning sessions.
At Quantanite we are unsatisfied without growth and we would never settle for stagnation. However, it is paramount that growth comes not only from pushing everyone to hit a target, but instead by investing in the growth of the individuals striving towards those goals. As with our first value of Accountability, we will look to incorporate Growth into everything we do including hiring, strategy, and daily decision-making. I believe these two values can compliment each other greatly, for example for us acknowledging that we as a community are accountable for the growth of each individual while they are with us. By again rolling out these values one at a time, we can ensure that each one is fully adopted by the organisation before we introduce a new one.
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