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Chat Support

What it means:

Chat Support often takes place in a pop-up box on a website, where customers can ask questions and receive an immediate response to their query, and the agent can get started on a solution as soon as possible. Today, research shows that customers prefer live chat over almost any other contact channel, and this kind of Synchronous Messaging option is now a much sought-after feature on any company website, something we feel is worth implementing into your customer support methods for the convenience it offers. More than half of all customers are said to prefer chatting with an agent in real-time using a Chatbot, rather than calling for phone support.

Chatbots have significantly advanced since they were first used in customer service, and today, utilising chatbots can help to optimise your customer support initiatives offers customers a sophisticated way to communicate with you and receive answers, without taking up your team’s every minute. With the ability to combine the powers of agent knowledge and Artificial Intelligence to respond to common queries, this is a truly effective tool that can take your customer support offerings to new heights.

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