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Community Forum

What it means:

Some customers prefer to search for solutions themselves, and having a Community Forum is a great way to offer information without being in direct contact with your customer. This option also allows past customers to share their experience and potentially answer the questions of new customers without them having to get in touch with your agents.

A Community Forum is typically a collection of conversation threads where customers can talk to others and share knowledge on a subject. These forums can often become saturated with questions, concerns and suggestions, but are still a great way to offer customers a quick self-service option for finding the answers they need, while allowing agents to monitor the conversation in case intervention is needed.

Recent studies show that more and more people prefer finding their own answers online without contacting customer support, however just over half of customers actually go on to find the answers to their questions, so offering more options such as Community Forums allow your customers to find information for themselves, as well as offering great insight into what people are saying to each other about your products or services.