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Content Moderation

What it means:

Allowing customers to add their own user-generated content to your website, app or social channels comes with a responsibility to ensure they are adhering to specific rules and guidelines, and this is where Content Moderation plays an important role. Making sure that inappropriate and sometimes disturbing content doesn’t make it to your users should be of the utmost importance, and while utilising Artificial Intelligence can be hugely beneficial in this area, a human eye is often needed to ensure nothing slips through the net.

Content Moderation can be a time consuming task, which is why Quantanite takes on this role for our customers, freeing up their valuable time and offering peace of mind that their channels are free from inappropriate content. We handle content moderation in multiple languages and are experts at incorporating the latest technologies into moderation processes.

We moderate by filtering out inappropriate user-generated videos and images, keeping your social media channels safe and on-brand, watching over user-generated posts, reviews, comments, and crawled or algorithm-generated content, and more.