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CRM Cleansing

What it means:

The process of CRM Cleansing (Customer Relationship Management) involves uncovering, verifying and renewing old information. Incomplete data can come from several places, such as user error or information becoming out of date over time. Quantanite offers solutions for CRM Cleansing, meaning your sales team can spend more time speaking with prospects rather than sorting through incomplete data.

Running a CRM system with inaccurate data affects every part of the business; marketing is less effective, reports are incorrect, and decisions are made based on flawed information. If you don’t actively cleanse and update your data, 70% of your database could be inaccurate after just one year, which can feel like driving a car with the handbrake on. The operations still drive forward, but when you remove the friction by CRM Cleansing, and populate your CRM with accurate and trusted data, the process will go so much faster, smoother, and will achieve objectives much sooner.

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