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Glossary  •  Hypergrowth


What it means:

The term Hypergrowth was coined by The Harvard Business Review in 2008, and refers to the steep part of the S-curve that most young markets and industries experience during their inception, where the more successful businesses start to inch ahead. Hypergrowth companies utilise BPO partner services such as Quantanite in order to scale at this time in their lifecycle.

Many companies get wiped out during this period, however companies that achieve Hypergrowth are able to ride the steep S-curve wave, adapt and move quickly enough to continue onward.

“During the past decade, as technological convergence has moved progressively forward, rapidly rising companies have astonished the global public with their ability to expand and scale at a pace that was previously unknown. From this phenomenon, the term ‘hypergrowth’ was coined.”
– The World Economic Forum