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List Building

What it means:

Your “list” is your database of email addresses from people that have interacted with you in some way in the past, by submitting their email address to your system. You can contact this list with marketing messages and communications, and nurture your list to help it grow.

List Building is the act of intentionally growing your email list by offering something in return, or actively sourcing email addresses that could eventually become leads. Remember, you cannot simply add email addresses to your list as this does not comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) standards. Instead, your prospects must sign up to your email list organically, or give their consent to be emailed by you.

It is believed that in the UK, every £1 spent on email marketing has an ROI of £38, and according to studies, nearly 85% of those who use the internet will use email, compared to only 62% who use social networking sites. This shows that List Building should still be considered a key part of your marketing communications.