Content Moderation

Technology & Human Intelligence to help Moderate all User Generated Content and help protect all forms of  online communities.

What is Content Moderation

Content Moderation is the practice of monitoring user-generated digital submissions, such as web feedback, social media comments, and videos to ensure they comply with the Client’s company guidelines and global regulations covering online activity.


In the digital age we live in, Content Moderation is more crucial than ever. Companies recognise the benefits of the online two-way flow of communication between Company and Consumer. It builds brand loyalty and trust, and companies can develop their brand based on the demands of their customers. However, not all user engagement is positive! Left unmoderated, user-generated content can quickly destroy a brand’s online presence and cause harm to their loyal supporters.


Led by the UK Government, agencies are clamping down on unmoderated sites and demanding that companies take full responsibility for protecting their web users from abusive online content, fraud, spam, phishing, malware and malicious networks.

What are the benefits of Content Moderation

Most importantly, Content Moderation protects your brand, company, and online reputation. You could have a thousand positive comments on your site, yet a few well placed harsh reviews can send your brand reputation spiraling downward.


Equally as important, it ensures a welcoming and safe environment and safeguards your users from being exposed to toxic content on your website. You have a duty of care to your customers which means you must protect them from viewing explicit or illicit content on your company website or apps.


Content Moderation provides valuable insight into your consumer online activity. It not only protects user-engagement, but it also promotes it which allows you to develop your brand strategy based on customer feedback.


By investing in Content Moderation, you are already well on your way to reducing financial implications and personal risks associated with unmoderated online activity!

Why outsouce Content Moderation to Quantanite

We are experts in the field of Content Moderation. Acting as protectors and promoters of your brand online, we carefully match our teams of highly skilled Analysts to you based on your company requirements. As well as being highly skilled, our Mod-Analysts exercise excellent judgement in filtering offensive content and flagging anything which is deemed inappropriate for your online platform.  You will benefit from having the same team working on your account as we do not share resources between clients.

We train your team for you! Our ‘Train the Trainer’ methodology means you do not have to invest time and money into regular training for new team members. We take care of this, saving you time and costs. At Quantanite we provide continuous training opportunities so your outsourced team will know exactly how to edit, filter and moderate content in line with your company expectations.

We offer a cost-effective solution to Content Moderation. In-house Content Moderation can be labour intensive, not to mention costly! When you invest in a Content Moderation package with Quantanite, there are no hidden charges! We agree an hourly rate with you at the outset and invoice you at the end of each month for hours worked. One simple, straight forward invoice to deal with – your Finance Department will thank you for this!

We offer 24/7, 365 days a year moderation thanks to our International network of offices. Time zones pose no problem to our diverse pool of multi-lingual moderators.

We protect your data. When it comes to data security, we take no chances – Quantanite is one of the few BPO companies with full ISO27001 accreditation.

We are accessible, allowing you the freedom to communicate directly with your internationally-based Operations Manager or through your Account Manager in London. Initially, the Operations Manager will check in with you every few days to ensure your account is up and running effectively. After the bedding-in stage, you will receive weekly updates alerting you to any issues. On a day to day basis, you will be invited to use our Slack channel to interact with your outsourced team. Your Account Manager in London will oversee the whole process ensuring your moderation is being performed to your specifications.

We are happy! Employee engagement and satisfaction is key to what we do. After all, happy employees mean happy customers! In 2018, our Employer Net Promoter Score (eNPS) measuring employee loyalty was 86%. In the same year, our attrition rate of employees leaving Quantanite to go to other companies was very low at 6.1%.

We are ready to help you upscale. We understand the complexities associated with upscaling and the pressures it can place on internal Human Resources. By working with a BPO Partner like us, you benefit from knowing that we can professionally manage your recruitment, selection, and training when you are ready to upscale your activity.