Data Labelling & Annotation

Quantanite provides dedicated teams, who work closely as an extension of a client’s in-house workforce to carry out large volumes of Data Labelling and Annotation. This ensures their machine learning capabilities stay ahead of the curve and don’t fall behind in the fast-paced world of ‘Industry 5.0.


Whether you work in the medical, legal, educational or another business sector, the administrative task of transcription is an important yet time consuming task. At Quantanite, our highly skilled transcribers are experienced in processing, validating and quality checking your information, so that you can focus on your core services.

Data Entry

Data Entry is often thought of as laborious, repetitive and non-productive. However, the reality is that data entry is critical for the day to day operations of a business. At Quantanite we help businesses to grow year on year by enabling them to focus on the core areas of their business whilst we do all the admin tasks.

Data Collection

Whether you work on Digitisation, regulation, compliance, IT security or sales and marketing  – no matter which topic you draw, without clean data your business can’t grow efficiently. At Quantanite we will cleanse, append and enrich your CRM so that your business has the best opportunity to drive future sales.

Order Processing

Getting customers is one thing; the real trick is keeping them which is why good order management is critical. At Quantanite we enable you to provide customers with their orders in a timely and satisfactory manner. Therefore providing them with an excellent customer experience and ensuring repeat business.

Content Moderation

User generated content needs to be monitored and moderated to ensure nothing makes it onto your platform which may harm your reputation. We will screen out scammers, spammers and all other forms of inappropriate content, keeping your customers safe and protecting your online reputation.

Robotic Process Automation

RPA or Robotic Process Automation is the ability to programme a robot to mimic human actions and integrate these actions to replicate human interactions into business process execution. This “robot” uses the user interface to take data input and process it by manipulating software applications in the same way a human can.