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24/7 personalized HR support for your employees, for higher engagement at a lower cost.
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We’ve combined human expertise with Generative AI to create our next-generation conversational bot MöBIUS. Our conversational bot gives HR teams the ability to have human-like conversations with employees and resolve 70% of all HR employee queries accurately and securely by unleashing the power of Gen AI. By giving employees the ability to have a conversation 24/7 with MöBIUS, HR teams can focus on more complex and sensitive HR cases and have the real conversations with employees that matter.

AI-empowered Scalable Support

MöBIUS learns all HR policies and procedures and integrates them with systems to give employees instant 24/7 access to accurate and secure HR Support.

Powerful Employee Experience

MöBIUS alleviates FAQs and intricate documents for employees. Utilizing an HR knowledge base provides information accessible and contextual in the form of a real conversation.

More for Less

MöBIUS autonomously resolves 70% of HR queries through lifelike conversations, reducing dependence on HR teams. It supports HR agents with accurate information and transactions, handling exceptions with care.

Safe and Secure

MöBIUS ensures safety through SSO & Access Layer transactions, offering rich insights into employee needs, sentiment, engagement, and trends. Employee data is processed with the highest level of privacy and compliance.

Built for Employees

Originally Designed for Fuzi (Our HR Director)

We built MöBIUS People for our team. With over 2000 employees in operations, we found our HR team was spending too much time handling simple, repeatable queries because existing channels didn’t support our people effectively enough. It is not surprising given it is far easier to ask someone a question rather than navigate FAQs or read and understand complex and lengthy HR policy documents.

By giving our employees the ability to have life-like conversations with HR we found that that LLM and Gen AI technology resolved over 70% of our employee queries and freed our HR teams to focus on more complex issues and resolve them to a great level of satisfaction.

Just because you can automate a process or policy, it doesn’t always mean you improve it. That’s why our People experts are here to give you a helping hand.
  • Expert HR Process Designers, Policy and Documentation analysts
  • We can improve or even rewrite and future-proof HR process and policy information to give you the best possible employee experience and ROI from your existing and future HR assets and investments.
In addition to MöBIUS People and our expertise, we also have scalable teams of agents who can provide your employees with 1st and 2nd line HR support in combination with MöBIUS.
  • We can take care of everything, leaving you to focus on the big-ticket items.
  • Our HR agents are located in strategic locations around the world.
  • Highly skilled and augmented with MöBIUS (yes, our team of 2000+ agents all use MöBIUS!)

AI is not the future

People are.
(with a little Help from MöBIUS)

AI alone is over-hyped and falls short of meeting customer needs. To unleash its true potential, we took a different approach: focusing on People.

By augmenting HR teams with AI their performance is enhanced and their empathy is amplified, using technology and human expertise in perfect harmony.

The real future of AI lies in blending Generative AI and Large Language Models with Human Expertise. Augmenting People with AI enhances their performance and amplifies their capacity for empathy. Without our deep understanding of People, Processes and the Customer (and doing things a little differently), we wouldn’t have unleashed the true potential of the technology or our People.

Today, we use all our knowledge and expertise, technology and our people to make customer and employee experiences better and business operations more accurate, scalable and cost-effective.

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