Press Release: BPO Industry Leader Rebrands As Quantanite

LONDON, UK — Today we are taking a big step into our new future as a business process consultancy. As a part of our dedication to becoming an automation-first service provider, we have decided to rebrand the company with a new name and visual identity. 
Our rebranding effort has been an 8-month endeavour and has included working with customers, employees, marketing agencies and industry experts to refine a look and feel that would resonate with the market we are serving. Our new name, Quantanite, embodies the hightened focus on technology that we will have in the future.
We are also changing our visual identity of our company to convey the greater level of management consultancy services we will be offering alongside our business process offerings. We are on a mission to become a trusted leader in the business process transformation space, and we believe our new identity will compliment the new approaches that will emerge in our service portfolio.
This is a truly exciting time for our company as it makes our transformation more real. Alongside our rebranding effort, we have brought on board new skills around robotic process automation (RPA) and intelligent automation (IA). We look forward to working with our existing customers and partners in bringing our new automated approach to business processes to an ever-changing market. Our promise to our customers is to always seek the optimal mix between automation and human intelligence throughout business processes, and so although automation will play a leading role going forward, our legacy as a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company will continue to have a strong presence in our services.
Finally, the ever-more automated world brings hightened levels of uncertainty due to the development of Future of Work technologies that have the possibility to greatly disrupt the way most of us have learned to plan our work and careers. As a part of our new role in delivering these technologies to organisations, we see it as our responsibility to also support the communities we are a part of and the society at large, and so in the coming months our team will be looking for ways to develop clarity around how everyone can better prepare for this automated new era.


Mikko Tamminen

Chairman & CEO



About Quantanite

Quantanite is a global professional services company focusing on business process transformation, primarily through robotic process automation (RPA), intelligent automation and setting up dedicated teams in offshore shared service centres. We work with both fast-growing companies and multinational corporations to rethink business processes so they employ the optimal mix of automation and human intelligence.


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