Our Third Company Value:


By Mikko Tamminen | September 2020

Today we announce our third corporate value, Service.

As we are rolling out our values one at a time, it feels very much like building a puzzle in which the next piece seems almost obvious as we progress. Each time we think about what piece of our culture should be exemplified next. As an organisation that is already over six years old, our culture is very ingrained, and so our exercise now is describing rather than prescribing what our culture is, which is very different to what companies in their infancy usually do.


The above is definitely a true description of how we arrived at our next value, Service. This is a reflection of how we conduct ourselves alongside our existing two values being Accountability and Growth.


Let me begin by describing how deeply Service is embedded in our history.


Since the beginning, when we were a company of less than 30 people, we always emphasised to new team leaders and managers during their training, that one of their core duties is that of being of service to their team, not that their team is there to serve them.


We would emphasise that the manager’s performance is at a high level a result of the output of  their team, which they in turn must guide and nurture along the way. This discussion goes back to management theories around autocratic versus permissive styles, and we always wanted to emphasise the latter. Only by being of service to your team would you be able to bring out the best in them.


I believe that this idea of being of service to colleagues and internal stakeholders is a core part of how we conduct ourselves still today.


As a technology services company, we are also in the business of delighting our clients through providing the best possible service to them. However, as a business whose primary product is setting up teams of people working for our clients, Service cannot simply be something conveyed by the few sales and account management touch points liaising with clients; it must be exemplified by everyone. We therefore emphasise the idea of Service in everything we do, not just when communicating with our external partners.


I see service-mindedness everywhere I look within our organisation. Our technology team is providing a service to other departments in looking for ways to improve their workflows. Our HR team is constantly striving to improve the service our employees get when they reach out with queries and requests. Our managers are developing new ways to provide career development opportunities in order to enable their team members to thrive not only with us but in their future roles. And together, we are here to service our clients and add value wherever we can.


Defining our values through describing how we already operate has been an enlightening process. If I had made up our values when we first founded the company, I don’t believe Service would have made it onto the list. However, through seeing individuals in our global team over the years strive to delight indeed both internal and external partners, it certainly makes it fundamental to who we are today as an organisation.

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