About Us

Quantanite is a global professional services company focusing on business process automation and offshoring.

Why we are here

Quantanite is focused on helping organisations find the optimal balance between automation and human intelligence throughout their business processes. 


Organisations today are faced with embracing the right tools and approaches in order to compete in an automated world. We are here to help executives not only choose the solutions that will streamline business processes today, but also allow for the most optimal setup for competing tomorrow as automation capabilities continue to improve at an ever-growing pace. 

What we do

Quantanite was founded in 2014. Our services initially focused on setting up offshore dedicated teams and shared service centres in order to support fast-growing companies with data processing related tasks. Today we are building a global team of experts continuing to focus on the full spectrum of business process consultation including business process discovery, redesign and automation. We have a deep understanding of robotic process automation (RPA) working alongside human workers as well as related intelligent automation tools. 


We have worked with over 400 organisations since our inception, built a team of over 700 colleagues globally and established ourselves as a global leader in business process management.

Where we are going

We have helped organisations from fast growing startups to publicly traded companies re-imagine business processes in order to adopt the newest automation capabilities to work alongside human workers. With our help, our clients’ teams have been able to scale their capabilities faster than they thought possible, meeting business objectives whether they be around cost efficiencies, growth or compliance. 


We are on a mission to help not only our customers, but also our communities prepare for an automated world, find solutions that leverage the true strengths of human intelligence, and help all stakeholders do the best work possible in their respective roles using the new Future of Work technologies now at their disposal.