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Women In Leadership Programme

Quantanite’s Women in Leadership programme connects our extraordinary female employees – from all around the world – creating a network of support that encourages the sharing of stories, ideas, and career advice. As a global organisation, we’re proud to boast that many of our top leadership positions are held by women. We’re even more proud of the environment we have established which empowers and inspires all Quantanite women to develop their careers, and step into their full potential as strong females in business.

Rachel Stother - Director, Client Services

I started my BPO (business process outsourcing) career as a Call Centre Representative, and I instantly fell in love with the energy, excitement, diversity and being able to speak to customers from all walks of life.

Through my BPO Journey, which is now 18 years, I was lucky enough to kick start one of South Africa’s most successful Outbound Short Term Insurance campaigns. This campaign scaled from a team of 5 to a group of 70+ associates, CX agents and underwriters.

During my career, I completed my FAIS and RE5 qualifications.

I now sit as a Director of Client Services for Quantanite, a Customer Experience and Digital Oursourcing solutions provider for the world’s fastest-growing companies. I have maintained a customer-centric approach throughout my career, ensuring that each client’s unique needs and challenges are met with professionalism and attention to detail. I have developed a deep understanding of balancing the client’s needs with the business objectives, resulting in successful and mutually beneficial partnerships.

My experience in Client Services and Outsourcing has taught me the value of clear communication, teamwork, and continuous improvement. As a result, I am always looking for new ways to enhance the customer experience, streamline processes, and drive growth for clients. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for service, I am excited to continue to make a positive impact in these fields.

I’m currently part of our internal Women In Leadership Programme. The programme is typically targeted towards women who aspire to or are already in leadership roles but may face unique challenges or barriers due to gender.

“I started my BPO (business process outsourcing) career as a Call Centre Representative, and I instantly fell in love with the energy, excitement, diversity and being able to speak to customers from all walks of life.

Rachel Stother

Fuziswa Moyo - Director, Human Resources; South Africa

I studied a Bachelor of Arts degree in Industrial Sociology at the University of the Witwatersrand, and later completed a Project management qualification at the same institution.

I started my career in the Financial Service Sector as an HR Consultant. I nurtured and grew in the HR discipline with pockets of specialisation in Learning and Development, Recruitment and Industrial Relations.

After 9 years in Financial Services across different lines of business, I joined the BPO industry focused on Customer Experience and Shared Services where I’ve spent over 7 years in HR Leadership roles on a unique blend of global client portfolios. What feels like home to me in this industry is the requirement to serve. It is how I was raised to begin with. I am currently the BPesa (our industry body)’s Top GBS Support Professional for 2022, a career highlight for me.

As the Director of Human Resources at Quantanite, my vision and mantra is to ‘make human resources human again’ which is achievable through the elevation of the people experience during their lifecycle in the company.

Aulia Rehnuma - Director of Operations; Bangladesh

I have a degree in Computer Science and Engineering from BRAC University. While I was a student there, I built an app as part of my project to help women in emergency hostile situations. I ended up working with a technology company to develop another app which helps create awareness for women’s health and wellbeing.

I joined Quantanite in 2015 as an analyst while the business was still in its infancy – we had a team of 45 people but have grown to 2,000+ today, whereby I currently sit as Director of Operations in Bangladesh. I love to say to my clients that I was born and brought up within Quantanite!

I work closely with the executive leadership team to shape Quantanite’s local Dhaka team to become a high-performing service delivery centre. It is a true pleasure for me to coach, mentor and support such a young, energetic and passionate workforce.

Being in the business operations world for the past 8 years, I enjoy using my expertise in developing efficient internal and external ecosystems, connecting my team and clients by assessing business needs, tools, resources, and skill set requirements. I pride myself on building self-driven, solution-oriented, proactive teams that are well-trained and knowledgeable professionals, ensuring we meet and exceed customer expectations while forming long-term partnerships.

Nothing gets me more excited than to be a part of the Women In Leadership Programme, where we work together to create an ideal workplace and support function for women.

“I love to say to my clients that I was born and brought up within Quantanite!”

Aulia Rehnuma

Maesha Hasnat - Director, Operations; Bangladesh

“I aspire to help my female colleagues who seek careers within leadership roles.”

Maesha Hasnat

I am a Finance BBA and MBA graduate. I joined Quantanite in 2015 because I was attracted to the company’s vision, culture and work environment.

I manage more than 500 team members and 40+ client accounts out of our service delivery centre in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Post maternity leave in 2019, I returned to Quantanite and established a 24*7 support content moderation campaign, including a headcount of 30+ individuals, increasing to 300 due to the success of the campaign.

A career in the BPO industry can be demanding, but one of the goals I stand by as a leader is to establish management with equality. I aspire to help my female colleagues who seek careers within leadership roles, and encourage their inclusion within our internal Women in Leadership Programme.

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