Workforce Optimization

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The Client

Our client uses AI-enhanced software to match a talent pool to the organizations who need resources.


The Brief

Their customer success team wanted to focus on the high value work of customer roll-outs. Instead, as each new customer was rolled out, they had to curate new keyword terms.

Our customer success team was spending a lot of time doing this work, and we wanted them to focus on dealing with customer roll-outs, because that’s a...

high-value job.”


There was a huge backlog of terms, and they needed a workforce to take on the considerable task of annotating and labelling this data. They needed high quality, accuracy, and sufficient speed for delivery within a specific timeframe.

The challenge was that while we automate a lot of things, we still need humans to look at the data coming in. It’s a creative, contextual process. We needed a team who understood the context of the task –and for security, it was also important that they…

tailored and aligned their processes to ours.”


The Process

With an assignment such as this, with a short turnaround time, we will go above and beyond to get teams up and  running as fast as possible.

Onboarding was quick and painless.

There were no problems at all.

We had one session where we recorded the process for about a dozen terms. After that, we had discussions online regarding individual scenarios.”

It was a huge achievement that Quantanite managed to get through the entire backlog so quickly.

This was a new thing for us –

…we no longer had a backlog.”

The trained team began by putting in as much overtime as possible. After that, we ramped up the workforce by training additional team members to add capacity. By working and training in this way, we successfully cleared the backlog.


The Result

Our clients have achieved exactly what they were hoping for. Their teams are now free to focus their energies on customer roll-outs. With this assignment, we aligned with our client’s own audit processes in order to protect data security. As an outsource partner, we are always happy to tailor our processes to those of the organization with whom we work.

They aligned their processes to ours -

completely switched over and accommodated us, which is a really good thing.

Both the quantity and quality of the data has gone up.

It’s meant that we can spend more time doing higher value tasks.”